American Kenpo Karate School Instructors in Colorado Springs, CO


Head Instructor - David Coppock

Head Instructor David Coppock began training in Kenpo in 1981 and received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1985 under Dr. John LaTourette. Mr. Coppock since then has upgraded to 2nd and all the way up to a 6th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo under Master John Sepulveda. Mr. Coppock also has experience in Tactical Security and Executive Protection. Mr. Coppock worked in Executive Protection and Tactical Security for Vance International. He has training in corporate security, surveillance, threat assessment, riot control, armed and unarmed combat, tactical response force, Diplomatic Security; and has experience in those fields from the violent coal mine strikes of West Virginia and Kentucky to Diplomatic protection details in the finest five star hotels.

Mr. Coppock is well known on the karate tournament circuit, both locally and nationally.

Mr. Coppock is a 62 time Colorado State Champion, and is a 10 time NBL world champion in sparring and forms. He has competed in and won every major National NBL tournament: San Francisco, Portland, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Pittsburgh, El Paso, Savannah, Boston, Acapulco, and Guatemala City.

Anthony Christoff

Dr. Christoff began training in 1977 in a J. T. Will Kenpo School in Craig, Colorado. After moving to Fort Collins he began training with Mr. Barry Benedict in American Kenpo Karate. After medical school he resumed his training with Mr. Shelstad and Mr. David Coppock. Since 1977 he has cross trained in judo, aikido, tae kwon do, but has found that American Kenpo Karate is the most complete martial art available. Dr. Christoff has also served as a ring side physician for the UFC, WEC, The Chuck Norris World Combat League, local MMA and boxing competitions and for karate tournaments along the Front Range since 1995.

Joe Freund

Joe began learning American Kenpo in Wichita, KS in January 2003 Under Sibok Tom Kelly. He attained the rank of purple belt before moving to Colorado Springs in November 2004, and lost little time seeking out Mr. Coppock to continue his study of the Art. Joe gained his 1st Degree Black Belt in September 2008, followed by 2nd Degree in June 2010. Joe enjoys competing and has won Colorado Karate Association state championships in forms and sparring as both an underbelt and a blackbelt, as well as an SKIL forms world championship as a brown belt.

Andrea Scherbinski

Andie came to AKKS in September of 2001 and currently holds the rank of First Degree Black Belt. She is a Colorado State Champion. Previous martial arts experience includes 3 years of Tang Soo Do where she earned the rank of Red Belt. Her tournament experience is extensive and most recently includes winning the 2005 CKA State Title in Sparring and finishing 3rd in both Traditional Forms and Musical Divisions.

Andie feels Kenpo is a very efficient martial art that allows individuals to cater what they learn toward their strengths. In addition, Andie feels Kenpo teaches women not to be victims.

She has enjoyed 21 years of marriage to her husband Don (an AKKS student as well), and they have a wonderful son named Jamie.