Introductory Classes at American Kenpo Karate School in Colorado Springs, CO

Free Uniform with Introductory Class
American Kenpo Karate School offers an introductory course for only $24.95. The beginners course is a great way to introduce you to the Martial Arts! This three-lesson course gives you the opportunity to experience a "hands-on" training sample in the basics of Kenpo Karate. You will also receive the official black uniform as part of this course.
1st Lesson
  • The two most important techniques of all martial arts
  • How to reach a "BLACK BELT" level of concentration and confidence
  • Kenpo Basics & Self-Defense
  • Martial Arts Manners
2nd Lesson
  • Review Kenpo Basics
  • Developing the "YES I CAN" attitude
  • Introduction to basic combination moves
  • White Belt test preparation.
3rd Lesson
  • White Belt Graduation
  • Conference with our School's Program Director to qualify for enrollment