American Kenpo Class Descriptions in Colorado Springs, CO

Two Students Training Karate — American Kenpo Class in Colorado Springs, CO

Kid's Beginner Class

The beginner kid's classes are geared primarily towards those children with less experience. We focus on basics; blocks, strikes, kicks and beginner sets and forms that are designed to build a solid foundation for more advanced techniques. The kids will improve self-confidence by doing drills to help increase focus, balance, power, speed and concentration, while at the same time have some fun. We teach them that Karate is to ... Read more
Instructor with two students — American Kenpo Class in Colorado Springs, CO

Kids Intermediate Class

The intermediate Kid's classes are geared towards those children with a little more martial arts experience. We still work on the basics, some attention to more sophisticated techniques. The intermediate kids will also work on weapons, as well as learning how to spar. The intermediate kids are going to learn how to put some of their techniques together to create their own forms, and if they wish, to develop competition skills and forms.
Students in Training — American Kenpo Class in Colorado Springs, CO

Adult Beginner Class

The adult beginner classes are aimed at those adult students who have little to no experience in the martial arts. We focus primarily on the basic skills which they will later build upon to create more advanced techniques. The beginner adults will do drills designed to increase power, speed, balance, coordination and confidence. At this level the focus is mostly on the striking aspects of Kenpo, and how to defend oneself against the average attacker.
Sparring Session — American Kenpo Class in Colorado Springs, CO

Adult Intermediate Class

As the adults move toward the intermediate classes they will begin to work on more sophisticated techniques. They will learn how to spar, and to defend themselves against an experienced attacker. At this point in training the student will begin to work on the more sophisticated aspects of Kenpo such as Joint Manipulation, Take Downs, Chokes, ... Read more
Students in Sparring — American Kenpo Class in Colorado Springs, CO

Sparring Classes

Sparring classes are where the students learn how to apply their skill against an opponent in unscripted (freestyle) motion. The kids spar once a week on different days determined by the monthly school calendar. The adults have the opportunity to spar every Tuesday and Thursday evening. The sparring classes all begin with drills that are designed ... Read more
Holding Black Belt — American Kenpo Class in Colorado Springs, CO

Forms Classes

Forms classes are focused on learning and perfecting the student's forms and sets. This is where the student learns the importance of forms and how they help to define and perfect a student's technique. Those students who are interested in competition will learn how to improve their tournament forms and performance skills.